Artist's  Statement - Bette Blank

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Last modified: August 23, 2007


I paint to tell a story, to capture a feeling, to have you see the world through my eyes.  I use pattern, color and composition to achieve my goal, in oil paint, egg tempera, watercolor, gouache, clay and wood.


I always look for humor in a situation, from the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla to the biblical Jacob dreaming of angels riding on escalators.  I often use words in paintings, both as a visual effect and as an opportunity to express additional meaning (see paintings: Sandy, Homage to Dr. Gitlin, Skirt, High Heels, Salami Sandwich))


Ordinary objects and sensations can have a transformative magic, bringing us back to a different time and place in one's life.  For example, the smell of a salami sandwich in the lobby of Lincoln Center triggered a flood of seemingly forgotten memories of lunchtime in Public School 217.  Everyday experiences like going to the dentist, getting a manicure, eating sushi, or visiting a shoe salon are my favorite subjects. 


I have studied painting, sculpture, and print making at the following institutions: the Brookllyn Museum School of Art, the Fine Arts Work Center of Provincetown, MA, The New Jersey Center of Visual Arts, The Newark Museum's School of Art  in addition to a PhD in Engineering from U.C. Berkeley.